For Armoured Conbat, Fencing and Archery. Created by Baron G. Emerson True and Baroness eLeri of Nefyn at Their Investiture as second Baron and Baroness of Concordia on 11/12/94

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lord Ælfwyn Akeworth11/12/1994
Lady Fiona O’maille o chaun coille11/12/1994
Lord Sheldon the Just11/12/1994
Lord Alberic von Rostock11/11/1995
Sir Koga Yoshitsune05/26/1996
Lord Jeffery Featherstonehaugh11/08/1997
Dono Munenaga Soiichiro11/21/1998
Master Macsen Felinfoel11/17/2001
Lord Nicholas Colechurch11/09/2002
Tomas of Wirth02/15/2003
Seigneur Jean-Paul Juste en Casse05/25/2003
Don Pierre de Tours11/08/2003
Lord Faylan11/06/2004
Lord Wulf Darkstalker11/06/2004
Lord Ruttiger Lutz05/28/2005
Lord Caine Ramsey05/28/2005
Lord Angus Kerr05/29/2005
Lord Paul Spearman05/28/2006
Lord Alfonso Pontelli05/26/2007
Grim the Skald08/07/2007
Lady Julia Gendreau05/25/2008
Gare Reeve05/25/2008
Lord Deacon de Chatillion05/24/2009
Master Wolfstan the Unshod05/24/2009
Lord Hobbe Younge06/27/2009
Lord Joseph the Bold06/27/2009
Baron Cedric of Amorica08/05/2009
Lord Wilham de Broc11/13/2010
Lord Mikulaj van Misen11/13/2010
Lady Isobel Chamberlain05/28/2011
Don Thomas del Bruc05/28/2011
Baron Therion Sean Storie11/14/202015
Lady Rose Theron Storie11/14/202015
Anne De Basillon05/29/2016
Elewys Yun Shi05/29/2016
Robert of Anglespur05/29/2016
Lord Harvey Wynegode11/17/2016
Laerfaoir Magnus Hvalmagi05/26/2017
Skarphedinn Inn Havi05/26/2017
Lady Meadhbh Hawtin05/26/2017
Lord John fitz Thomas05/26/2017
Alastor Tucker11/11/2017
Baron Joachim Liechtenauwer11/11/2017
Lorita de Sienna05/11/2018
Liam Guversson05/26/2019