Baronial Officers

(Past Baronial Officers)

Baron: Baron Faol├ín an Sccreccain

Baroness: Baronin Maria von Ossenheim

Seneschal: Chief executive officer of the group, like a club president. The officer in charge of and legally responsible for the branch as a whole.

Seneschal: Ose Silverhair

Emergency Deputy Seneschal Joel Messerer

Snowflake Pursuivant: The Baronial Herald, the officer in charge of assisting members design and register period styled names, devices, and badges. Herald can also be the title used to refer to a person making announcements or running a baronial, or other level, court.

Pursuivant: Bantiarna(Lady) Shannon inghean Bhriain ui Dhuilleain

Chatelaine: The officer in charge of helping potential new members understand what the SCA is and what it’s about.

Chatelaine: Lady Janna von Guggisberg

Deputy Chatelaine: Johannes aka Joey

Chronicler: The officer in charge of publishing a group newsletter. Sometimes the Chronicler also acts as a group historian or Archivist.

Chronicler: Lady Judith le Alefondere

Web Minister: The officer in charge of publishing, updating and maintaining the Baronial web page based on policies set forth by the East Kingdom Web Minister and East Kingdom Law and Policy.

Web Minister: Lord Lucien ‘Roy’ de Basillon he/him

Deputy Web Minister: Rhys Aiden Bifjord

Social Media Officer: Kelsi MacPharlane she/her

Historian: The officer in charge of tracking the history of the Barony.

Historian: Baron G. Emerson True

Minister of Arts and Sciences: The officer in charge of fostering the study of arts and sciences of the period. There are several groups, sometimes called guilds, within the Barony that specialize in various arts, such as brewing, singing, dance, etc.

A&S Minister: Irene von Lassan

Deputy A&S Minister: Vacant

Knight Marshal: The officer in charge of teaching and overseeing the activity of armored combat used in medieval tourney re-creation.

Knight Marshal : Master Robert Tytes

Company Captain of Archers: Lord John fitz Thomas

Marshal of Fence: The officer in charge of teaching and overseeing the activity of fencing.

Marshal of Fence: Kempa Alastor Tucker

Deputy Marshal of Fence: Ulfrun Isolfrdottir

Captain of Thrown Weapons: The officer in charge of teaching and overseeing the activity of thrown weapons.

Captain of Thrown Weapons: Vacant

Deputy Captain of Thrown Weapons: Vacant

Chancellor of the Exchequer: The chief financial officer, in charge of managing, recording, and filing reports to the appropriate higher officers.

Chancellor of the Exchequer: Lady Olivia Baker

Clerk of Reservations: Lord Richard de Troyes

Minister of Lists: The officer in charge of keeping records of authorizations for fighters and assisting the Knight Marshal in the running of tournaments.

Minister of Lists: Baron G. Emerson True

Chancellor Minor: Coordinates activities for children and adults with children at events.

Chancellor Minor: Alfonso Pontelli

Chamberlain: Stores and maintains Baronial Regalia

Chamberlain: THL John fitz Thomas

Financial Committee: Includes Seneschal, Baron and Baroness, Exchequer, THL Ruth Baraskaya, and THL John fitz Thomas