A feather bendwise sinister argent
A feather bendwise sinister argent

For service as an Autocrat, Formerly Concordian Turkey. Renamed by Baron G. Emerson True and Baroness eLeri of Nefyn at Their Investiture as Second Baron and Baroness of Concordia on 11/12/94.

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lord Cedric of Amorica11/07/1992
Lady Elspeth Starwatcher
Lady eLeri of Nefyn
Baron G. Emerson True
Lady Anna Herold von Ossenheim
Baroness Morwydd Fengwen
Lady Siubhan ni Coinneach
Lady Dierdre Caitlin O’Rourke11/13/1993
Maeve of the Mayfair11/13/1993
Dona Lucia Francesca de Valencia11/13/1993
Lady Caitilin Ni Cheallaigh12/10/1994
Lady Katja Stesnaya12/10/1994
Lord James Allen of Concordia12/16/1995
Lady Bryanna O’Conghaile12/07/1996
Kyran O’Conghaile12/07/1996 01/20/2001
Lady Faioltigerna Muirinn ni Artain9/27/1997
Dona Andromache Magdelena di Venezia12/12/1998
Lady Ignatia12/12/1998
Sabina traci12/11/1999
Baroness Mistress eLeri of Nefyn12/08/2001
Lady Angharad y Rhosyn ferch Rhain11/09/2002
Lady Elisabeth Greenleaf11/09/2002
Mistress Faioltigearna Muirinn ni Artain11/09/2002
Baron Master Baltasar Mondragon02/28/2003
Lady Lylie of Penhille02/28/2004
Lady Sabina tracy2/28/2004
Lord Toki Redbeard12/04/2004
Baron Angus Kerr11/12/2005
Lord Grim the Skald12/16/2006
Jacqulinne de Sauvageon12/05/2009
Baroness Mistress eLeri Nefyn11/13/2010
Lord Alberic von Rostock11/12/2011