An order created by their Excellencies Baltasar and Lucia at Bjorns Ceilidh November 9, 2002 to recognize Concordians who demonstrate exemplary courtesy to all on a continuous basis. It is accompanied by a scroll and a clear “diamond like” token.

Awarded toDate Awarded
Elisabeth Greenleaf11/09/2002
Sheldon the Just05/25/2003
Rhys Aiden Bifjord05/25/2003
Nakamura Sanesachi Onijiru11/08/2003
Eleri of Nefyn11/06/2004
Brid nic Shéarlais05/28/2005
Pierre de Tours05/28/2006
Baltasar Mondragon11/11/2006
Lucia Francesca de Valencia11/11/2006
Genevieve Cranwell05/26/2007
George Emerson True11/13/2010
Koga Yoshitsune05/29/2011
Jean Paul Ducasse05/29/2011
Louise LaMotte04/28/2012
Hierythia Sean Storie05/29/2016
Maria Erika von Ossenheim05/26/2017
Harvey Wynegode11/11/2017
Richard de Troyes05/26/2019
Ose Silverhair05/26/2019