Order of the Emerald

An order created by their Excellencies Baltasar and Lucia those who maintain a high standard of authenticity in their dress, behavior, persona, and goods. It is accompanied by a scroll and a green "emerald like" token.

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lord James Allen02/15/2003
Mistress Brid nic Shearlais05/25/2003
Baroness Misgtress eLeri Nefyn11/08/2003
Baron Master G. Emerson True11/08/2003
Laurencia of Carlisle 05/29/2004
Lord Angus Kerr11/06/2004
Lord Toki Redbeard05/28/2005
Lady Kananbala05/26/2007
Lady Katrusha the Scomorov05/28/2011
Pan Mikulaj von Meissen11/17/2016
Lady Olivia Baker05/27/2017