First Baron And Baroness Concordia:

Baron Eofn ap Erwyn Pen Caer Eiry Mynnydd
Invested 18 October 1980, A.S. XV

Baroness Morwydd Fyngwen
Invested 12 November 1983, A.S XVIII

Second Baron And Baroness:

Baron Master George Emerson True
Baroness Mistress eLeri of Nefyn

Invested 12 November, A.S. XXIX

Third Baron And Baroness:

Baron Master Baltsar Mondragon
Baroness Mistress Lucia Francesca de Valencia

21 November A.S. XXXIII

Fourth Baron And Baroness:

Baron Master Angus Kerr
Invested 11 November A.S. XLI
Baroness Laurencia of Carlisle
(Abdicated office)

Fifth Baron:

Baron Pierre de Tours
Invested 13 November A.S. XVL

Current Baron and Baroness:

Baron Jean-Paul Ducasse
Baroness Lylie of Penhyll

Invested 8 November A.S. XIXL

Heirs to the Baron and Baroness:

Lord Faolán an Sccreccain
Baronin Maria von Ossenheim

History of Concordia

The Baronial History is currently being researched, as more information becomes available it will be posted. If you have any details you feel should be added please let me know.

In Service,

The Early Days

Concordia was formed at Union College in the mid 70's by Algernon Hartesmonde, who later became a baron of the court. The shire met in Old Chapel at Union College for years after it was no longer a student-based group. Concordia’s first high-profile event was called “King James Gets His.” By 1978, the only Union College students left in Concordia were Catherine of Amesbury and Loric the Serf. Schalmiraine was one of the early non-student members, and although she was not active for very long, her activity, recruiting of other non-students, and her out-of-shire traveling helped Concordia survive the transition period when Algernon left the area. Eofn ap Erwyn pen Caer Eiry Mynnydd became the seneschal, and steered the shire on the course that brought it to becoming a Barony.

From Shire to Barony

After years of fighting inactivity in the shire, Wulf Darkstalker became the first Concordian to qualify to fight with heavy weapons. Wulf first tried fighting at a small Concordian event called the Beardslee Manor Revel. He qualified at the next event in the Barony of the Bridge, Tolkien tourney.

Wulf became Concordia’s first Knight Marshall. During this period, Concordians began traveling to out-of-shire events much more. The shire’s first appearance at the Pennsic War was at Pennsic VIII, camping on the far side of what is now known as `Horde Hill’. Approximately one dozen Concordians attended. The second Knigth Marshall was Konrad Lochner followed by Yvan Wolvesbane, Cedric of Amorica, Koga Yoshitsune, Baltasar Mondragon and Angus Kerr.

After several years of small events that drew mostly locals and close friends, Garth Fairchild and Wulf served as autocrats for an event that was very large by Concordian standards of the time, and not small by kingdom standards. It was called The Lonely Hearts Tourney and Springtime Bacchanalia; 75 people from New York, New England and Virginia attended. The reigning king, Seanan an Chassur (known as Setanta), made an appearance. Unfortunately he got lost on the way and missed the tourney. About twenty people fought in the tourney. Shortly thereafter, Eofn formed Concordia’s first shire award, the Order of the Silver Snowflake (now closed). The companions of the order at the time of its closing were: Wulf Darkstalker, Garth Fairchild, Eofn ap Erwyn, Catherine of Amesbury, Alys of Linnencorre, Julia de la Cite, and Teragram of Carker.

Bigger events were becoming the norm, and two new ones were added to the schedule: A Ceilidh To Drive Away Weariness, and Chrystal Snowflake Ball. Two days before the Ceilidh, a Concordian named Bjorn passed away, the first Concordian to thus depart. The event was held in his honor. It has ever after born the name Bjorn’s Ceilidh.

During the reign of Gavin and Tamara, Alys served as autocrat for the largest event Concordia had ever hosted, The Cupid’s Bow Tourney. Cupid’s Bow featured the King’s and Queen’s Champion Tourney. Sir Hasdrubal became the King’s Champion and Sir Mago became the Queen’s Champion.

Concordia was elevated from Shire to Barony, in the Barony of Tir-y-Don. (at the thime Tir-y-Don was part of the East Kingdom.) Of those Concordians who were there when the shire became a Barony, the following are still active locally: Garth (now known as Toki), Yvan, Moriah, and Morwydd.

In 1977, Eofn ap Erwyn was the Seneschal of the Shire of Concordia of the Snows.
One of the first major shire events was run by Pelnatoki Redbeard (formerly known as Garth) now known as Toki.

The First Baron and Baroness Concordia:
Eofn ap Erwyn
Invested by Gavin, Rex and Tamara, Regina at Tir-y-Don 10/18/80

Morwydd Fyngwen
Invested by Victor, Rex and Sedalia, Regina11/12/83

The Second Baron and Baroness of Concordia:
G. Emerson True and eLeri of Nefyn
Concordia's second Baron and Baroness were invested at the Barony's celebration of Bjorn's Ceilidh, November, A.S. XXIX.
(1994), by Her Majesty of the East in the reign of Gregor and Christence.

The Third Baron and Baroness of Concordia
Invested 11/21/98
Baltasar Mondragon (Munenaga Soiichiro) and Lucia Francesca de Valencia

Concordia's Third Baron and Baroness were invested at the Barony's celebration of Bjorn's Ceilidh, November, AS XXXIII
by the hands of Their Majesties Brion and Anna.

The Fourth Baron and Baroness of Concordia:
Invested 11/11/06
Angus Kerr and Laurencia of Carlisle

Concordia's fourth Baron and Baroness were invested at the Barony's celebration of Bjorn's Ceilidh
November A.S. XLI
by the hands of Their Majesties Lucan and Yana

The Fifth Baron of Concordia:
Invested 11/13/10
Pierre de Tours

Concordia's fifth Baron was invested at the Barony's celebration of Bjorn's Ceilidh
November A.S. XLV
by the hands of Their Majesties Gryffith and Aikaterine


The Current Baron and Baroness of Concordia:
Invested 11/8/14
Jean-Paul Ducasse and Lylie of Penhyll

Concordia's sixth Baron and Baroness were invested at the Barony's celebration of Bjorn's Ceilidh
November A.S. XIXL
by the hands of Their Majesties Edward Grey of Lochleven and Thyra Eiriksdottir

Pictorial History of Concordia

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