The Order of the Snow Hare

A recognition created by our Chancellor of Minors, Lady Kassier Deoraine to honor the efforts of those who are precious to the Barony, the Children. There are three categories for which there are tokens, Service, Personae, and Honour.
Awarded toDateDate
Jason of ConcordiaService5/30/99
Nichole of ConcordiaPersona5/30/99
Amelia of ConcordiaHonor5/30/99
Benjamin of ConcordiaHonor5/30/99
Jason of ConcordiaHonor3/11/00
Rebecca ( f.k.a. Amelia ) of ConcordiaPersona3/11/00
Margaret of ConcordiaPersona3/11/00
Renee of ConcordiaParticipation5/28/00
Cassandra of ConcordiaParticipation5/28/00
Benjamin of ConcordiaPersona11/18/00
Joe MacFarlainParticipation5/29/04
Rowan CampbellParticipation5/29/04