The Order of the Ram's Horn

For Armoured Conbat, Fencing and Archery. Created by Baron G. Emerson true and Baroness eLeri of Nefyn at Their Investiture as second Baron and Baroness of Concordia on 11/12/94

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lord Ælfwyn Akeworth11/12/94
Lady Fiona O'maille o chaun coille11/12/94
Lord Sheldon the Just11/12/94
Lord Alberic von Rostock11/11/95
Sir Koga Yoshitsune5/26/96
Lord Jeffery Featherstonehaugh11/ 8/97
Dono Munenaga Soiichiro11/21/98
Master Macsen Felinfoel11/17/01
Lord Nicholas Colechurch11/9/02
Tomas of Wirth2/15/03
Seigneur Jean-Paul Juste en Casse5/25/03
Don Pierre de Tours11/8/03
Lord Faylan11/6/04
Lord Wulf Darkstalker11/6/04
Lord Ruttiger Lutz5/28/05
Lord Caine Ramsey5/28/05
Lord Angus Kerr5/29/05
Lord Paul Spearman5/28/06
Lord Alfonso Pontelli5/26/07
Grim the Skald8/7/07
Lady Julia Gendreau5/25/08
Gare Reeve5/25/08
Lord Deacon de Chatillion05/24/09
Master Wolfstan the Unshod05/24/09
Lord Hobbe Younge06/27/09
Lord Joseph the Bold06/27/09
Baron Cedric of Amorica08/05/09
Lord Wilham de Broc11/13/10
Lord Mikulaj van Misen11/13/10
Lady Isobel Chamberlain05/28/11
Don Thomas del Bruc05/28/11
Baron Therion Sean Storie11/14/2015
Lady Rose Theron Storie11/14/2015
Anne De Basillon05/29/16
Elewys Yun Shi05/29/16
Robert of Anglespur05/29/16
Lord Harvey Wynegode11/17/16
Master Magnus Hvalmagi06/27/2017
Skarphedinn Inn Havi06/27/2017
Eyvindr Bjarnylr06/27/2017
Lord John fitz Thomas06/27/2017
Lady Meadhbh06/27/2017