The Order of the Pine

Baronial award given for extraordinary service to the Barony. Originally the "The Order to be named later", the founding members were charged with naming the Order.

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lady Elspeth Starwatcher
Lady Siubhan ni Coinneach
Baron G. Emerson True
Lord Cedric of Amorica
Lady Alicia Megan de Montmingelle
Lady Rowena
Mistreess Shoshonna Jehanne ferch Emrys
Lady Louise La Motte11/7/92
Lady Judith le Alefondere11/7/92
Lady eLeri of Nefyn11/12/94
Dona Lucia Francesca de Valencia11/12/94
Baroness Morwydd Fyngwen11/12/94
Lord Sheldon the Just5/28/95
Lady Maeve of the Mayfair5/26/96
Lord James Allen of Concordia11/9/96
Lady Dierdre Caitlin O'Rourke11/9/96
Lord Koga Yoshitsune5/25/97
Lord John Kelton of Greyhorn11/8/97
Lord Geoffrey Featherstonehaugh11/21/98
Lord Alberic von Rostock11/6/99
Lady Katherine Montclare11/6/99
Lady Ruth Baraskaya11/06/99
Lord Kyran O'Conghaile3/11/00
Lady Bryanna O'Conghaile3/11/00
Lady Kassair ni Deoraine5/28/00
Lady Ignatia Ursula5/28/00
Lady Elisabeth of Concordia11/17/00
Lord Jacques Phillipe touson de le Champaigne11/17/01
Baron Munenaga Soiichiro11/17/01
Lady Collwen Glynmes11/9/02
Baron Gunther Englhaus2/15/03
Seigneur Jean - Paul Justen Casse2/28/04
Lady Lilly of Penhille2/28/04
Lord Takamura Sanesachi Onijiru2/28/04
Usel der Schwartz Wolfe 5/29/04
Lady Aislinn cul' Dualach11/6/04
Lord Toki Redbeard12/4/04
Lady Ailsinn cul Dululach5/29/04
Lady Lucienne DeSelina5/28/06
Lady Heather Rose MacGordon12/16/06
Lord Hobbe Yonge5/26/07
Baron Angus Kerr5/26/07
Don Pierre de Tours11/13/10
Baron Therian Storie11/13/10
Baroness Hierytha Storie 11/13/10
Lord Fergal the Smith05/28/11
Lord Joel of Vestfell05/28/11
Lady Aoife inghean Conchobair08/09/11
Lady Lorita de Siena11/12/11
Lady Isabel Chamberlaine05/27/12
Lady Ose Silverhair05/26/2013
Baronin Maria Erika von Ossenheim2014
Lady Olivia Baker09/12/15
Lady Finnguala Neill meic Chuircc09/12/15
Lord Richard de Troyes11/14/15
Gui DeGlasionberry05/29/16
Lady Rose Therion Storie11/17/16