Order of the Emerald

An order created by their Excellencies Baltasar and Lucia those who maintain a high standard of authenticity in their dress, behavior, persona, and goods. It is accompanied by a scroll and a green "emerald like" token.

Awarded toDate Awarded
Lord James AllenFebruary 15, 2003
Mistress Brid nic ShearlaisMay 25, 2003
Baroness Misgtress eLeri NefynNovember 8, 2003
Baron Master G. Emerson TrueNovember 8, 2003
Laurencia of Carlisle May 29, 2004
Lord Angus KerrNovember 6, 2004
Lord Toki RedbeardMay 28, 2005
Lady KananbalaMay 26, 2007
Lady Katrusha the ScomorovMay 28, 2011
Pan Mikulaj von Meissen11/17/16
Lady Janna von Guggisberg05/27/2017
Lord John fitz Thomas05/27/2017
Master Caine Ramsey05/27/2017
Madame Anne de Basillon05/27/2017